#User Story

A User Story is a short, simple description of an end user's need. It's a brief narrative, written from the perspective of that end user. A User Story isn't a functional description but rather clarifies what an end user wants or needs and why it's necessary.

Example: As a botanist, I want insight into the characteristics of a specific flower so that I can care for it optimally and help it flourish.

#UI (Design)

UI stands for User Interface. The User Interface is the direct representation that you and your customers see on, for example, your website or app. This is the look & feel of your website, also known as the aesthetic layer on top of the UX of your website.

Relevant: #UX (Design)

Usability refers to the user-friendliness of your website or app. It indicates how easy (or difficult) it is to visit and navigate through it. If a lot of attention has been paid to usability and something is easy to use, we also refer to it as a 'user-friendly' product.

#Use Case

In a use case, you group all the (detailed) requirements necessary to let a user achieve his or her goal. Super Interactive refers to the actions a specific user takes as 'Jobs-to-be-done'. The strength of a good use case lies in simplicity and conciseness. Keep your text simple and short, ensuring clarity for everyone.

#User Flow

A user flow outlines the various steps that visitors go through before they perform a specific action, such as making a purchase or filling out a form. It illustrates the journey from the starting point to the final interaction.

#User Testing

User Testing is the holy grail of researching usability. It's a process where the interface and functionalities of a website, app, product, or service are tested by real users performing specific tasks under realistic conditions. By observing user behavior and anticipating their needs, you can optimise the usability of a product. One of the strengths of Super Interactive is that we continuously evolve and improve our methods and products.

#UX (Design)

UX stands for User Experience. User Experience focuses on the interaction between a user and a product. It encompasses the entire journey users undergo while using it. This interaction should be as smooth and easy as possible. UX operates more in the background and primarily revolves around functionality and structure.

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