#Body copy

'Body copy' refers to the main body of text on a website or application. It includes the written content without titles, subtitles (headers), footers, or other elements.


A bug is an error in the source code of a computer program that prevents the software from functioning correctly. As a result of a bug, your website may not operate as expected. Fortunately, we can (almost always) easily fix this instantly.

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#Visual concept

A visual concept encompasses the visual language through which you tell your story and convey what you want within the visual identity. It's nothing more than a guideline (or multiple guidelines) for the type of imagery and feeling that fits your brand. This visual is the first thing users experience when they use your product, making it very important.

#Back-End Development (BED)

In web development, we distinguish between back-end and front-end development. The front-end is the part of the application that is visible in the browser: the information that the user downloads to the computer, which is then converted into a visual user interface. The back-end is the software that runs on the web server and ensures that the user's browser receives the correct information.


A backlog is a priority list of tasks and wishes that still need to be executed or added to a project or product. It acts as a living document that is regularly updated to reflect project progress and revise priorities in line with objectives.

At Super Interactive, we understand very well that a lot of new ideas often emerge during the development of your digital product. However, it is crucial to maintain focus and prevent scope creep. Therefore, these ideas are placed on the backlog, to be realized later.

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