Expert in custom WordPress websites

Your organisation is considering using WordPress for a new website or application. It's crucial that the site is fast, easily maintainable, and fully optimised for search engines. WordPress is a logical choice as a CMS for these requirements.

Additionally, it's essential that the technology is robust and professionally developed. You may also be thinking about integrating the website with other systems through APIs.

Super Interactive is a full-service digital agency specialising in WordPress, offering comprehensive solutions: digital strategy, UX/UI design, WordPress development, WordPress hosting, and WordPress maintenance (SLA).

Design and development by a WordPress specialist

Super Interactive is a pioneer when it comes to WordPress applications for large organisations. For the past 12 years, we've been specialising in WordPress customisation. We combine the user-friendliness of WordPress with a professional approach and reliable maintenance.

Every day, hundreds of thousands of users visit the custom WordPress websites developed by Super Interactive.

Our WordPress applications

Robust and worry-free

Professionally developed and hosted so you don't have to worry about anything.

High performance, traffic-ready

Scalable, high-performing, and capable of handling high traffic volumes.

Optimised for search

Fully search engine optimised for the best possible results.

Integrates effortlessly

Seamlessly integrated into your digital ecosystem.

Secure & compliant

Secure and GDPR-compliant. No need to worry about difficult regulations and law.


A long-term investment and an excellent foundation for further development.

Custom WordPress integrations

Your website isn't isolated but seamlessly integrated with the rest of your organisation's digital landscape. This includes automatically forwarding requests from your website to the central CRM of your organisation or updating job vacancies on your website in real-time from your ATS. Even integrations with other CMSs and e-commerce platforms are well within our expertise.

Super Interactive, as a WordPress developer, has all the expertise needed to integrate your website with any conceivable system that has an API or web service.

Security & privacy

Security is a top priority in WordPress development. That's why Super Interactive applies strict privacy and security standards during the development of your website, including our WordPress hosting services.

Furthermore, it's crucial to regularly update plugins and the WordPress core for optimal security. We offer maintenance contracts to ensure you are fully supported and protected.

Super Interactive has extensive experience implementing GDPR guidelines in WordPress projects. We provide all our clients with an in-house developed cookie notification. We offer precise guidance on the privacy-sensitive aspects of your WordPress website and assist you in developing and implementing the necessary guidelines.

WordPress Multisite

Super Interactive has a particular expertise in setting up and maintaining WordPress Multisite platforms. The ability to run multiple websites on a single WordPress installation often proves to be an excellent solution, both technically and organisationally.

This approach requires maintaining only one application, which provides significant advantages, especially for platforms with hundreds of websites. Additionally, administrators can easily switch between sites without having to log in multiple times.

As a WordPress agency, Super Interactive develops and maintains Multisite platforms that host hundreds of websites, used by thousands of administrators daily. Some of our notable clients include D66, Emerce, Nivon, InnoPet, and FD Mediagroep.

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