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Considering Statamic CMS for your new website or application? Excellent choice! Statamic is a robust option, and we're here to help you realise your sustainable digital product. We understand that a CMS alone isn't enough, and you're likely looking for an experienced and reliable partner for the design and development of your project.

At Super Interactive, we grasp the technical aspects of your project. We ensure a robust and professional technical foundation and integrations with other systems, such as through APIs. But we go beyond that. We're a strategic partner who understands your business and collaborates with you. We aim to be an extension of your organisation.

Super Interactive values long-term and meaningful partnerships. In addition to our expertise in Statamic, we offer a comprehensive range of services, including digital strategy, UX/UI design, Statamic development, Statamic hosting, and Statamic maintenance (SLA). Ready to bring your vision to life?

What is Statamic?

Statamic stands as a cutting-edge content management system (CMS) that focusses on user-friendliness and extensive customisation capabilities. It is build on the popular Laravel PHP framework. It serves as a robust and versatile tool designed to facilitate the creation, management, and publication of content across various digital platforms. With its innovative features and flexible architecture, Statamic represents a significant leap forward in CMS technology. By providing users with intuitive controls and adaptable functionalities, Statamic empowers content creators to streamline their workflows and optimie their digital experiences. It's a game-changer, adapting to your needs and evolving alongside you.

The benefits of Statamic


More user-friendly for content editors than WordPress.

Crazy fast

Scalable, lightning-fast, and capable of handling high traffic.

Optimised for search

Fully search engine optimised for the best possible results.

Integrates effortlessly

Seamlessly integrated into your digital ecosystem.

Secure & compliant

Secure and GDPR-compliant. No need to worry about difficult regulations and law.


A long-term investment and an excellent foundation for further development

Custom Statamic integrations via APIs

Your website serves as the focal point of your digital ecosystem. Think about automatically forwarding website inquiries to the central CRM or providing real-time updates of job vacancies from your ATS. We have experience integrating with other CMSs and e-commerce platforms.

With Super Interactive's expertise as a Statamic developer, we can integrate your website with any system that has an API or web service.

Security and Privacy

Security is paramount in Statamic website development. Therefore, Super Interactive adheres to strict standards for privacy and security, both in development and hosting. It's essential to regularly update extensions and the Statamic core. We offer maintenance contracts for this purpose. You'll be fully taken care of. Super Interactive has extensive experience in implementing GDPR compliance in Statamic projects. We provide clients with an in-house-developed cookie notification and offer detailed advice on privacy aspects of your Statamic website.

Statamic Multisite

Super Interactive specialises in developing and maintaining Statamic Multisite platforms. The ability to run multiple sites under one Statamic installation is often the perfect solution, both technically and organisationally. Maintaining one application, especially for a platform with hundreds of sites, offers enormous benefits. Administrators can easily switch between sites without having to log in repeatedly.

Curious to know how we'd handle your project?

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