Digital Product Management

The launch of your product is just the first step. With proactive Product Management, we support your growth and success in the long term as well. Through continuous optimization based on clear, practical metrics, we consistently improve the performance, user experience, and conversion of your digital product.

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Digital success requires patience

Launching the first version is just the beginning, because it's only then that you truly discover how your users actually use and experience your product.

Standing still is falling behind

Maintain pace of progress and keep momentum in your project. Always be on the lookout for improvement to stay ahead of your competition.

Keep learning

With every step you take to improve your digital product based on smart analysis, you get to know your users and your market even better. These are insights that will benefit your entire organisation.

Stay aligned

Update your goals regularly to re-align them with the rest of your organisation. Anticipate and adapt to the ever-changing needs and preferences of your users.

Monitoring & Analysis

To continuously observe the quality of your product, we monitor it on four key areas: Health, Performance, Traffic and SEO.


Our systems actively scan for issues like downtime, 404's, broken links, content issues, server errors, validation issues, and more. Early detection of problems significantly enhances your ability to prevent them from escalating.


Page loading speed is a critical factor in performance. It influences usability, conversion, SEO and many other moving parts of your product. Our systems are designed to track page speed, page score, mobile usability, accessibility, caching, and numerous other critical factors.


More traffic means more conversion. Our ongoing mission is to make sure your site draws in more visitors, makes it easy for them to find what they need, and nudges them towards taking action.


Continuous improvement of your online presence and SEO is crucial. By analysing top keywords, uncovering link-building opportunities, refining meta tags, streamlining your internal link structure, and conducting thorough competitor analysis, we help you stay ahead in the SEO-game.

Performance Report

Every month, you will receive key performance indicators in a detailed report, providing you with insights into essential data within the four key areas. These highly valuable reports help us detect and get ahead of possible problems and craft actionable insights to keep improving your product.

screenshot of Super Interactive's performance report showing a title and pay-off, and the four categories Health, Performance, Traffic and SEO with their respective average.

Quarterly Product Team Meetings

Every quarter, we organise a Product Team Meeting. This is our opportunity to come together face-to-face and thoroughly assess your digital product's performance, identify any issues, and brainstorm on enhancements. We'll provide you with expert recommendations for improving your product, focusing on areas such as performance, design, usability, and conversion.

  • Face-to-face meeting with experts

  • Performance Analysis

  • Design Review

  • Discuss Company Goals for the upcoming period

  • Suggestions for new Features

  • A/B test possibilities

  • Planning for the next quarter

Digital Product as a Service

Each step of our process is focused on clear, tangible results. From laying down a strategic foundation to crafting the final design details, and through development to ongoing optimisation, every step is about adding real value.

Digital Product Strategy

Digital Product Design

Digital Product Development

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