Digital Product Strategy

Super Interactive understands that integration is the key to digital success. It's essential to design and develop digital products that don't just stand alone but are fully aligned with your business goals.

Our first step is to thoroughly understand your organisation and its objectives. This way, we know exactly how to make your project a success.

Super Interactive assists you from precisely defining the business goals of your project all the way to the launch of a complete digital product.

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Set crystal clear goals

When we start your project, we want to make sure everything we design and develop is in line with what the rest of your organisation is trying to achieve. To fully understand your team and your goals, we need to become part of it.

Understand your users' goals

What is your user trying to achieve? What are their jobs-to-be-done? Our philosophy is that strongly focussing on your user's success, will lead to yours.

Successive work beats concurrent work

We have learned from experience that it is far more effective to have the entire product team focus on a small set of issues for a short period of time, then to have many things up in the air at once.

Perfection is the enemy of progress

As Winston Churchill once said. Our work has an extremely high quality level, but there will always be things to improve. It's essential to keep going. Our philosophy: does the new version of your app serve your users better than your current? Then release it.

OKRs as the foundation of an effective Digital Strategy

Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) is a performance management framework designed for setting shared goals, measuring progress, and aligning priorities. Originating at Intel and popularized by Google, it's now extensively used by leading companies such as Oracle, Twitter, Zynga, LinkedIn, Amazon, and Facebook.

Learning what works and what doesn't is vital in digital product development. Working with OKRs is a very straightforward, practical approach that ensures our efforts are always moving in the right direction.

Use-cases, not personas

In our opinion, personas are about the user's properties. We prefer to use use-cases because they are about our the user's needs. We determine who our users are based on what they are trying to achieve: their jobs to be done. Once we have a clear image of their needs, we move on to defining:

  1. Pain points - What are their main concerns, obstacles and frustrations in trying to achieve their jobs to be done?

  2. Opportunities - How can we solve their pain points and help them achieve their jobs to be done? What other, related opportunities can we discover?

  3. Our goals - What do we need to achieve in order for our users to achieve their jobs to be done?

Using this approach, we can create features and designs that really hit the mark, making sure every part of our product is laser-focused on helping users to achieve success. Because their success, is your success.

Digital Product as a Service

Each step of our process is focused on clear, tangible results. From laying down a strategic foundation to crafting the final design details, and through development to ongoing optimisation, every step is about adding real value.

Digital Product Design

Digital Product Development

Digital Product Management

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