A redirect is a reference from a specific URL to another URL where the relevant content is located. It is a technique to move visitors to a different web page than the one they requested, usually because the requested page is not available.

#Responsive Design

A custom-made website is not just designed for desktop/laptop users anymore. Therefore, we focus on the user's environment based on screen size, platform, and orientation. With a 'responsive design', the user can seamlessly transition from mobile to desktop to tablet without losing any functionality or important information from each page or screen, eliminating the need for separate mobile sites.


When you, as a client, want to use a retainer, agreements are made regarding a certain number of hours that will be made available per Sprint. We will agree to an amount that can be spent within a Sprint in advance. For example, a one-year period, in which both parties understand how many hours can be allocated per Sprint.


The link between strategy and execution. It's a defined timeframe in which key outcomes must be delivered. A good roadmap articulates what must be changed, why it must be changed and in what sequence the change should be carried.

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