#Definition of Done

In short, the 'Definition of Done' is when a team considers something as completed. In the Scrum methodology, it is described as follows:

"The Definition of Done is a tool for the team to maintain the quality of work consistently and to determine when something is completed. It is a list of acceptance criteria that can be applied to every User Story."

#Design System

A design system is a centralised library where (reusable) UX/UI elements such as colors, icons and logos are gathered, which the team needs to design, develop, and implement a digital product or service. This system facilitates efficient collaboration between designers and developers and ensures product consistency and user-friendliness.

#Definition of Ready

This is a list of criteria that an item on the backlog must meet before it is ready to be included in a Sprint, aiming to make Sprints more manageable and achievable. At Super Interactive, we use the stage 'Ready to Start' in our task management system.

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