Header 1, H2, H3, etc.: these are different sizes of titles and/or subtitles that can be used on a website or in an app. These headers have fixed values and ensure continuity and user-friendliness for the user. You often find the content of a page beneath these headers, which is called body copy.


The space above the fold of the homepage is considered as a hero. This space is important because it is the first part of the page that visitors see when opening a website.

Nowadays, a hero, also called a 'header,' is often used to immediately prompt the user to take action, such as clicking a button. A header typically includes large, compelling titles, a brief, engaging text, and a clear Call to Action.


Hierarchy is a design principle that we, as a digital product team, use to emphasise the importance of the content on each page/screen through (text) size, position on the screen, and color. For example, a large object is seen more quickly by a user, elements at the bottom of a page are viewed the least, and colors with high contrast stand out more. A strong hierarchy aids in achieving goals and results.

#Headless application

Software applications that are not tied to a user interface, enabling them to communicate and be managed via APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). This architecture allows for more flexibility and efficiency in dealing with various front-end technologies or devices by keeping the backend logic separate from the user interface.


HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. It is the standard programming/markup language used to structure web pages, allowing them to be viewed in your browser. Together with CSS, a basic version of a website can be set up.

HTML is the code used to determine the structure of a web page. It positions titles, text blocks, menus, paragraphs, scripts, and more on the web page. In other words, HTML instructs the browser on how to display the page.

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